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Friday, March 28, 2008


So, I had a minor operation yesterday and today I am in pain. I have (no, make that had) lovely varicose veins on both my legs, thanks in part to heredity and in part to three babies. "I have the legs of an 80-year-old!" I joked with my husband. They were BAD. Even the doctor was a bit stunned by my veins. Yesterday I had them removed, some were stripped (the really big ones) and some were heated up and made to collapse. I won't get into the details, not everyone may appreciate them.

They put me under general anesthesia, which I can't say I really like; it freaks me out to think about before and after, though not knowing what's going on is good! They also intubated me, and I still have the taste of it in my mouth, not to mention a slightly sore and ouchy throat. My legs are wrapped up right now, and I can take off the bandages tomorrow and have a shower (hallelujah!). But I am really hurting right now, and walking like a 95-year-old. But I do have the good painkillers, which also help you sleep.

My parents came out to help with the kids, and bring tons of food (my mom is always great with the food), so I am relaxing on the sofa with books and the internet and lots of assistance. It's nice to be waited on for a change.


Monica H said...

OUCH! is right. I have never had varicose veins, so I don't know the pain you are going through, but I feel for you anyway.

As for the details- I would love them. For some reason removing, stripping, heating up and collapsing veins really intrigues me. I know I'm weird...

Here's to hoping you end up with legs of a 20 year old :-)

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

Yikes! Hop you have a swift recovery.

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

Er, that would be "hope". Unless hopping is part of the rehab therapy.