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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They Call This Spring?

It is cold and gray here, as usual - welcome to spring, or something. One more gray day and I'm going to lose my mind. Really. Today's high is 51 degrees, and I am feeling more than desperate for something warmer than this. There has been a little bit of sun, oh, maybe four days ago. It's that time of year when I ask myself why I live in Northern Ohio, after a long, gray winter, and into a long, gray spring.

After much fussing and confusion, I have downloaded photos to my computer! (I swear, I'm getting much too old for all this technology!) These are photos from April 7th (yes, I know, quite some time ago in Internet land, but I'm not good with getting photos to load...). Lovely photos of snow on the forsythia and crocuses in my backyard.

I am longing to be outside in short sleeves and sandals, longing to dig in the dirt and sweep away those clouds in the sky and in my head. Until then, I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world.


mrsmuelly said...

Okay, that's just cold. Plus, it looks wrong - pretty tulips in the snow!

Monica H said...

I think it's kind of ironic your blog is gray. Maybe you should change it to a nice bright shade until it actually looks like Spring outside :-)

Virginia said...

Ack! Monica, you are so right! I've been thinking of changing the color to something brighter; you've just spurred me on to do that - and soon.