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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Because My Life is so Exciting

Or not.

(And also because I am feeling tired and sitting down blogging gives me an excuse to look productive while sitting on my arse.)

Hubby and I spent the afternoon cleaning the laundry area of our basement, which has been filthy and cobwebby for quite some time (um, since perhaps we moved in nearly 4 years ago. Ahem.). We had the other part of the basement redone last year - we had a mold issue that needed to be cleared up, ancient, stinky carpet that smelled like mold and cat pee, and horrible knotty pine paneling, which I hate.

The other portion of the basement we didn't have renovated, as it's separate from the "nice" part, and, quite honestly, that's more money than we could spend.

I have been wanting a new washer and dryer, as the ones we currently have came with the house and aren't very efficient, not to mention fairly old. On Friday, the washing machine started gushing water out of the bottom. Yippee! We decided spending money to repair the darn thing was not worth it, and went out yesterday afternoon to purchase a new one. We got a good deal on a higher-end model than we would've looked at (it was the floor model) and it will arrive on Wednesday.

This meant, however, that the laundry room really needed a good cleaning. So we spent the afternoon with lots of bleach and cobwebs, shifting the washer and the dryer around, cleaning up.

See? My life really IS exciting.

We considered getting a dryer as well, but there were no special deals or rebates on dryers to be had. Also, the saleswoman we spoke to said we should check the dryer vent to see if it's blocked, as that is a likely reason the dryer doesn't work so well. So, we cleared it out and are keeping our fingers crossed it actually helps.

Wow. I feel so immensely boring writing that. And it's rather sad to tell you how happy I am to have purchased a new washing machine. There will be even more excitement tomorrow, when the roofer comes to assess the amount of repair work we need to have done on our roof, which sprang a big ol' leak this winter.

Cleaning, bleach, roofers, repairmen. Who says domestic diva-dom isn't a rip-roarin' barrel o' fun?


Rebekah said...

I completely understand your elation- I was excited today on my dusting spree :). It felt so good to feel modivated while also having the time to get it done!! Sorry your motivation came with a leak but at least you'll have the appliances you want :)

Monica H said...

And this is exciting how my life is: I' mwondering how you cleaned your dryer vent?

We have a vent cleaning brush that is powered by a drill. It cleans out the entire vent hose and it quite amazing.

Also, I suggest you clean the lint trap. Don't just remove the lint, but scrub it and let it dry. The dryer sheets add a film to the screen and it takes longer to dry your clothes.

(My hubby reads Handy Man Magazine :-)

Sarah said...

life doesn't get exciting when you get to be older??! i don't know if i should be horrified or start to get used to the idea that i will be a boring person for the rest of my life. seriously... if you read my blog you will find that there are quite a few posts that talk about how "exciting" my life is.


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