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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mundane Monday

My local newspaper runs a column each week called "Monday Moaning." Readers can write in with whatever it is they want to complain about, and the paper runs it. This really bugs me, though the paper tries to counter it with a "Thankful Thursday."

I think we've got enough complaining in this world without giving it a forum. But then again, I have been known to use this space to do a little complaining of
my own.

So today I was running around doing errands, thinking about "Monday Moaning" and just how mundane today is...hence, Mundane Monday. Here's what I did:

1. Laundry. 4 loads.
2. Trip to Target for necessities and Christmas presents.
3. Grocery store run.
4. Exercised despite not feeling like it.
5. Listened to a podcast.
6. Did the school run, times two.
7. Tidied up, but not very much.
8. Phoned a friend.
9. Got caught in the rain.
10. Did a lot of dishes.
11. Made dinner.

So you see, yes, it was a very Mundane Monday. How about you?

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Maggie said...

I think we might be from the same area, because my paper does the same thing. I used to read the Monday Moaning and laugh at everything, but since this happened, it just annoys me that people take the time to complain about trivial things. The problems people have in those are problems I wished were the worst thing going on! xo

Virginia said...

Yes, Maggie, I think we must be from the same area. NE Ohio?