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Friday, July 24, 2009

Socialised Medicine

Obama was in my town yesterday, talking about healthcare. And there were many protesters around my house, anti-healthcare for all. Which I don't get, having lived in a socialised medicine country (England) and seeing all that is wrong with our system here. We pay far too much and get far too little, on the whole. Imagine losing your job and not having to worry about healthcare. Or starting your own business and not having to pay sky-high premiums for insurance. Yes, Brits are taxed more than we are, but you know what, folks? They spend less on healthcare than we do and are healthier than Americans.

Mrs. Spit, a Canadian, wrote an excellent post about universal healthcare that I wish every American had to read. Find it here, and I will get off my soapbox now.


Debbie said...

I am going to go read that in a sec-- I just had to comment on this. I am one of *those* Americans that health care was/is a number one priority for. We are insured now, but when I left my last job, I had to COBRA our insurance on just my daughter and me-- my husband was not covered because the cost was well over $1000 per month. My husband was self-employed and we could not afford any plans out there on our own.
Health care for all is so, so important.

Monica H said...

"We pay far too much and get far too little" I totally agree. I don't even want to tell you how much we pay and we have nothing to show for it. it's ridiculous.

My MIL was paying over $600 just for herself. That didn't cover my FIL or meds. nuts. A MONTH! Some people don't even make that much a month. ugh!

Sula Lee said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more. I am a nurse, as well as my wife. The system in the US is so broke and malfunctioning that, to fix the system, it is my opinion that we need to get rid of the system. This is very unpopular with my parents and a few of my coworkers, but, even though I stay far away from the political aspect, EVERYONE should watch "Sicko" by Michaael Moore. I get my insurance paid for by the state (am a state employee), but my wifes 70/30 is $350 a month. I'd GLADLY pay that in extra taxes so that , we could go to Md or ER and not worry about a $17,000 bill after an operation.

There are many people out there that wish all they had to pay was $17,000, as well

My new cat jus bit the ^%%$**( out of my hand. Had to go to Urgent care. The bill, including meds, was $110 AFTER copay.

Having insurance is virtually mandatory in the US, but even WITH insurance, folks, you arent "out of the woods". Insurance companies SPECIALISE in loopholes to reject coverage..